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Street Boutique is an event we are holding, in conjunction with Shmoo's wood-fired kitchen. This years event will be hosted in the winter months and will provide food from both Matthew's One Love vegan waffles and Shmoos pizza's for the homless community of Manchester UK, where the Charity is based. In addittion, we will be offering a boutique style pop up charity shop, where we will offer the homeless community the opportunity to choose clothes, free of charge. We intend to, by setting up the kitchen and boutique, with music and volunteers to uplift the spirits of the people who are accessing the event by providing an atmosphere of hope, love and relief with the giving it back spirit at the heart of the event. 

There are many ways you can assist us in making this event happen. These include; 

Donating a shoe box with personal requisites that would be useful to a homless person through the winter. Any clothes, coats, shoes or other items that are no longer of use would also be welcome. 

We have a target of £2,000 outstanding to make this project happen, but we cant do that without your help. 


Would you help us to make a homless person warm this winter? 

Click below to donate as much or as little as you can and hit contact us for any other items you may wish to donate.


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