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A lot of my strengths I have today came from my mother, although an alcoholic she was a strong single mother and she instilled respect and confidence in me and was able to show me things outside the box. 
My household at times was somewhat chaotic, we were poor and with my mother drinking and my brother on heroin it was tough at times, and it was especially tough when my dear brother went on to kill himself age 23, my mother also passed in 2009.  I was only 14 at the time of my brothers death, and with it came great teachings. 
It was through my brother I learnt the wisdom of the streets a few survival tricks.The coming years were not the most authorised but always filled with a deep respect. 
There was a lot of Hedonism going on up to my 30's at which point I found my partner Sue, and settled down to a family and together we had beautiful 3 boys. 
 Years later one of my lines of work ended up being removals and house clearances which always left us with lots of surplus furniture and equipment. A friend of a friend recommended we should ship this stuff to The Gambia where we would get good money for it. I shipped a container over with the full intention of opening a store and making money for myself.
 50% through the stock sales myself and my partner in the business at the time Paul Cauchie decided to give it all away and it was at that point the penny dropped, I needed to find a way to help these people, there was a burning desire, after all I had made some real close friends one of which is Philip Sambou ( Fada ) and his family, Fada is our man on the ground and is now a big part of the People Help The People project.
 It was in my hometown of Withington when I bumped in to Matthew, after completing his previous projects he was now ready for his next, this was a very auspicious time for us both, before you new it we were on a plane to The Gambia. 
We now have several projects, a village being built and full charitable status, things are moving exactly where we want them go.

 To be in service is to be in alignment

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