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Help to complete the school by buying specify items listed below

Total Spend So far = £ 25, 865

Total to Raise: £ 27, 771

Giving It Back Community is an organisation that supports people in poverty to access real opportunities and education services that will empower children to access education and support. We are committed to working together to ensure those who lack access to education and future prospects build life skills that will ensure they have a brighter future.


Our charity provides opportunities for those in business and the wider community to work together for the benefit of people who otherwise, would lack opportunities to learn skills and find a way out of poverty. By building sustainable eco-villages we  offer education to those who ordinarily would not be able to afford to attend school.

Our programme of work is entirely led by volunteers, every penny donated is spent on the projects we deliver and build.

We value the contribution that businesses and members of the local community make in supporting our work and believe that together we work with children to maximise their potential.


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