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"It all Starts Somewhere"

The Giving It Back Community was founded in 2014 with Matthew Hensman’s vision of helping the most deprived areas in the world by himself. What started as a recreational holiday to Thailand and India turned into a mission to give back to those who have very little. Part time projects have made him want to commit full-time to fulfil his dream of wanting to make a difference.

Matthew is not a philanthropist, neither was he born in to a rich family.  Matthew was raised in the rough areas of south Manchester, his education was cut short as a young man and yet through his struggle he has embarked on the challenge of a lifetime to make the Giving It Back Community into a global charity. Matthew sold his successful business of ten years and returned to education to help fulfil his vision. 

The Giving It Back Community is a registered Charity run entirely by volunteers with the aim of tackling issues of poverty both in the UK and internationally. In just a short space of time, Matthew and his team have already invested a significant amount of time and resources into projects and having recently registered as a charity, he aims to develop the intensity and scope of the work both in the UK and abroad.

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