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"Home Is Where The Heart is"

GIBC will also work to address poverty in the UK. In a time of cuts, we have more families eating from foodbanks and with low level mental health issues such as stress and anxiety impacting upon parents, many are emotionally unavailable for their children. The impact of poverty in the UK can have different outcomes for children. Many exit education without formal qualifications and turn to crime as a profession. GIBC will deliver a range of community activities to prevent children taking the wrong road and offer support to low income families.

Other activities will include work with the homeless community offering clothes and supplies, delivering community interventions in violent or anti-social communities in the UK and also internationally working to support young people to exit gangs and organised crime groups. The international building projects will allow us to adopt an exchange project we are calling DIY SOS. This project will see people from the UK travel to international projects to volunteer on building projects, or work directly as a volunteer with people on the ground in one of our completed projects. In turn, people working on projects in different communities will be offered the opportunity to visit the UK to work on projects here. This provides people with a more realistic worldly view whilst allowing them the opportunity to travel and develop real skills.

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