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Eco Orpanages/Communities

GIBC aims to continue to grow and develop ECO Village concept by building 10 communities internationally. Each community will house a different group of people with different issues, but there will be one common theme, poverty. GIBC are committed to working with people from a range of backgrounds to tackle poverty and the effects whilst working to build sustainable alternatives to crime or sex working which can lead to the abandonment or neglect/abuse of children around the world.

Whilst the work with the children is taking place we will build workshops where the adults will be taught real social and academic skills that will allow them to work together as a community, with the help of GIBC, to build sustainable economic change. GIBC will introduce land sharing schemes where we will work with locals to farm the land, providing sustainable long term economical solutions to poverty. The Eco Village will adopt permaculture principles into its construction and design. The design of the village is still underway as is the fundraising process.

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