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Locatiopn: Installation House, 3 Bengal St, Manchester M4 6AQ


Street Boutique was an event held on the 27/11/2016, in conjunction with Shmoo's wood-fired kitchen. This years event was hosted in the winter months to provided food from both Matthew's One Love vegan waffles and Shmoos pizza's for the homless community of Manchester UK, where the GIBC is based. In addittion, we also offered a boutique style pop up charity shop, where we offered the homeless community the opportunity to choose clothes, free of charge.


On the day live music filled the event with warm and loving vibes. The event as a whole was a success, we would like to thank all those who supported us to make the day such a beautiful experience for all. An atmosphere of hope, love and relief with the giving it back spirit was at the heart of the event. 

Click below to donate as much or as little as you can and hit contact us for any other items you may wish to donate.


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