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Patrice Van isacker was born and raised in the Flanders, Belgium on April 6, 1977. He has 3 brothers and his parents separated at the age of 12 and he stayed with his mom. He started working at an early age of 14 and was a fighter. He studied Latin in high-school and then focused on Languages. Following his parents legacy of hoteliers, he studied hotel management and every summer he did internships in  Cannes, Germany and Paris. In 1998 he graduated 2nd in his class. Despite his shy personality he moved to New York in the summer of 98 and started with Ian Schrader Hotels, then a couple of years later with Orient Express (2001 – Director of Leisure Sales) then Raffles Canouan ( 2004 Director of Sales)  an he remained working for Canouan and opened the Sales & Marketing offices in London in 2005.  He specialises in Hotel Sales & Marketing. Despite the great career, Patrice struggled with personal issues but with help of friends and various other methods, he found himself, his deeper self recently and has felt a great need to expand his life through Charity and various other projects. Patrice Van Isacker now lives in Alderley Edge, Cheshire and owns Van Isacker Limited and Clik2 Limited. The first company is the hotel sale & marketing representation and the second one is a video distribution and website ( to promote hotels. His new path in life is clear and full of determination. 

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