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I am 29 years old and attended Salford University for two years studying Social Work. During this two years I completed two six month work placements, one in a primary school and one in sheltered accommodation assisting five women with varying severities of schizophrenia. During these placements I became very much aware of the need for aid that many people require and it sparked a desire inside me to want to give back.  

For the previous 2 years I have worked as a personal assistant and administrator and I aim to transfer the skills that I have developed during this work into “Giving It Back Community”.  

As a single mother, my awareness of ‘need’ has always been apparent. The need for food, shelter and the basics of life that so many around the world struggle to maintain, has always caused me grief. In a perfect world this ‘need’ should not exist is simply should just be. This is my own personal reason for wanting to make a difference. To help others maintain a life where there is less ‘need’ and the basics of life are easily maintained.

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