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My name is Vivine Thompson, I am forty- five years of age and of black ethnicity, I have lived within the inner city areas all my life.  During my time at University studying a Learning Disability course, gaining an Undergraduate Diploma.  I acquired valuable knowledge and understanding of social / environmental barriers that may have an effect on vulnerable young, their families and communities. 

Over the years working with various organisations in both paid/unpaid work, such as, special needs schools, Government funded schools and youth clubs.  I have a clear insight into individuals / families who may require additional support and guidance regarding their well-being. 

I am presently working at Lockstock College, my job role is; Integrated Learning Hub support, which requires me to monitor student behaviour and barriers to their learning.  This role I find very rewarding as it allows me to offer tangible support to those at risk of exclusion. 

I have completed a Mentoring Practising Course that was as part of a pilot project known as the Community Change Foundation (CCF) training, in 2010, I completed a two year Undergraduate Learning Disability Studies gaining a Diploma and in 1999 I obtained a NVQ level 1, 2 and 3 in Hairdressing Management 

Around September 2009 up until July 2012, one day a week I would volunteer at Chorlton High School, working as part of the supported learning department and occasionally I may get some voluntary work at Barlow Moor Community Centre as a casual youth worker. 

I can work with young people and families, offering support and guidance with their learning / social development.  My past experiences have given me the ability to relate with the issues that young people face today, I am motivated by my own life experiences and it gives me pleasure to empower a young person with confidence and self-belief for them to be successful in life.  

Since February 2000, I have worked in the field of supporting young people regardless of their age, sex, gender, culture, ethnicity or their abilities.    

My work has allowed me to promote and enhance a young person / family with regards to their emotional / social needs.  Over the years, I have built and maintained some great relationship with the young people / families that I have supported.   

 I am friendly and approachable with a very good sense of humour, with lots of patience and empathy.  I have the ability to recognise the needs of others and offer appropriate support with regards to my work colleagues and any young person families I may support.  

I believe with my experiences and these qualities combined I would make a very able Internal Learning Hub manager with a lot to offer, young disadvantaged young people, their families as well as integrating new students into their new school environment.  

I am versatile and adaptable, ready to contribute over and beyond to the well-being of all young people and their learning / social development.   Adhering to policies and beliefs of my working environment, I like a challenge and I am always looking for the opportunity to learn new things that will enhance my existing skills and knowledge, which will benefit the well-being and life chances of each young individual or families I may support. 

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